Do you have doubts? Doubts about your faith? Doubts about the faith of others? Doubts about the bible, religion, church, Jesus, God? Doubts about life in general?

Don’t worry. We all have doubts of some kind. What most of us lack is a place where we can discuss those doubts openly without fear of judgment, ridicule or condemnation. Giving you a “safe” place to speak your truth is the purpose of Thomas Talks.

On the 2nd Tuesday of each month, we’ll meet as a group for as long as it takes to address whatever doubts you and the others bring to the circle. You’re likely to find out you’re not alone in the doubts you have. You’re likely to make some new friends. We’ll work as a group to find answers and solutions where we can, and I’ll work on the ones we can’t answer or solve in one evening.

What Thomas Talks isn’t … it isn’t church, it isn’t a bible study, it isn’t limited to one denomination or even just Christianity. God’s much bigger than that. Thomas Talks is open to anyone who has doubts or questions, and where we can’t find the answer or solution on our own, I’ll look for others who can.

You don’t need to sign up.  Just show up. Bring yourself, something to drink, a snack if you want. Bring friends who have doubts, too. If you have questions, use Contact Us to reach me (Rev. Ohle).