Perhaps it’s the result of the abundance of news bytes and social media posts about people rising above and beyond to help each other or the increasing number of posts sharing music just to uplift whoever listens. Maybe it’s because I tend to listen mostly to Christian music.

Whatever it is, when I listened to the video from Camden Voices (below), I didn’t hear the song the way I always had. It was no longer a loving, caring earthly friend saying, I see you.  This time, it was as if God was saying, “I see you and I love you as you are where you are in this very moment.”

That’s the thing we sometimes miss with God. He always sees our “true colors” and He loves us anyway. To quote Taylor Christian Mertins from

Notice: on Easter, Jesus’ response to the sins of his followers isn’t to berate them or judge them or even damn them. He doesn’t give them a list of things to do, or programs to start, or prayers to pray.

Instead, he just comes back to them, to us, with, of all things, love.

How odd of God.

God sees us struggling. He knows we’re easily discouraged. He knows we battle and sometimes give in to that darkness inside us.  But, again, that’s the thing about God, about Jesus, about the Spirit.  They aren’t waiting for us to become perfect before loving us. They love us as we are … right now … in this moment … discouraged, feeling small and overwhelmed. They see our true colors and love us anyway. To them, we’re beautiful … like a rainbow.

Now if we could just love one another as well as we’re loved.