“Place” can mean a particular location like the home place or a faraway place, or it can mean a space that we find ourselves occupying or setting aside for someone else to occupy. It can be physical … a house or a community, a seat at a table to share a meal, or it can be figurative … a place in society, in a family, in the church.

There are so many that find themselves without “place” right now that, in this Advent season of preparing for the arrival of the One whose family found no room at the Inn, focusing our Personal Prayers and Thoughts on the “placeless” is definitely in order.

a. Pray: focus your prayers this month on those without a place for whatever reason, and on how you might be a place or place holder for someone.

b. Act: watch for opportunities to help and encourage those seeking to find a place, help where you can, direct to other resources where you can’t.

c. Give: Consider giving your time or other resources to Habitat for Humanity and organizations that provide homes versus temporary shelter. Pay special attention to organizations that serve extremely marginalized groups, remembering everyone is created in the image of God and is a child of God.